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Child & Family

Child & Family

Service Units

Early Childhood Education Service

  • Early Childhood Education Service
    • Nursery Schools
    • Kindergarten
    • Work-based Nursery Schools
    • Work-based Child Care Centre

  • Pario Education Service
    • Pario Education Centre
    • Pario Art Education Centre
    • Healthy Seed Centre

  • FLY Project

  • Children's Arts Development Fund

Child Rehabilitation Service

  • Early Education and Training Centre
  • Special Child Care Centre
  • Special Child Care Centre-cum-Early Education and Training Centre
  • District-based Speech Therapy Service
  • Integrated Programme in Kindergarten-cum-Child Care Centre
  • On-site Preschool Rehabilitation Services – Bridge-Integrated Education Service
  • To-gather Parents Resource Centre
  • Chih Ai Parents' Association
  • Arts Development Fund for Children with Special Needs
  • Wholistic Support for Preschools-cum-Subsidy Scheme for Psychological Assessment

Residential Child Care Service

  • Small Group Home Service and Emergency/Short-term Care Service in Small Group Home
  • Foster Care Service and Emergency Foster Care Service

Family & Counselling Service

  • Integrated Family Service
    • Family Networks Integrated Family Service Centre
    • Family Ties Integrated Family Service Centre
    • Clinical Psychology Service
    • Family Aid Service

  • Navigating Adversity Counselling Service

  • KeySteps@JC