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Drug and Addiction Prevention and Rehabilitation Services

Drug and Addiction Prevention and Rehabilitation Services

Service Objectives

To help the drug abusers and internet addicts to abstain from their problematic habits. We provide holistic services to individuals and their families, and facilitate them to make positive connections with the environment and then regain their life-balance. We also provide educational and professional training programmes to community members so as to build up a healthy environment for our service targets.

Service Targets

Drug / internet addicts and their family members.

Service Contents

  • To provide community-based drug counseling services and public education programs in Kowloon West (Yau Tsim Mong District, Kowloon City, Shamshuipo).
  • To provide family support service to drug abusers in Kowloon West.
  • To provide drug treatment services (in and out-patient) for male drug abusers aged under 30 and out-patient drug treatment service for female drug abusers aged under 30.
  • To provide individual and group counselling service to internet addicts and their families.

Service Approach

We adopt a comprehensive and multi-level social work approach and deliver a wide range of services such as individual and group counselling, family support services, community programmes, medical support services and residential detoxification treatment through multi-disciplinary teams.

Our Service Units

PS33 Counselling Service for Psychotropic Substance Abusers
  • PS33 - Tsimshatsui Centre
  • PS33 - Shamshuipo Centre
  • Project HERO - MSM Support Service
  • CATCH II - Families Support Scheme
Jockey Club Lodge of Rising Sun
Online New Page - Online Addiction Counselling Centre

Growth and Social Rehabilitation Core Business

Growth and Social Rehabilitation Core Business