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Elderly Core Business

Elderly Core Business


  1. Create every opportunity for senior citizens to develop their fullest potential, leading to a dignified, active and happy life as they age.
  2. Foster inter-sectoral collaboration and encourage senior citizens to advocate appropriate policy together to establishing a friendly and integrated environment for the aged.
  3. Provide timely services to the senior citizens and their caregivers, and promote healthy life style to enhance their state of wellness.


We cherish the value of senior citizens and we recognise their ample experiences and potentials. We are committed to establishing a healthy and integrated, and an age-friendly environment for senior citizens to live a retired life with dignity and happiness; and are keen to collaborate with different sectors to achieve this aim. By providing appropriate support to the senior citizens and their caregivers, we create opportunities for senior citizens to apply their potentials and actively participate in the society. We are perceptive to social changes and are devoted to exploring resources to implement different special projects to meet the changing needs of the society. In the 80s, we organised the first HK-wide “Athletic Gala for the Elderly” to encourage senior citizens to participate in sports and draw on their potentials, “Project of Elder Abuse” in 2002 established the foundation for handling elder abuse cases, “Project SEE” and “Project WE CARE” launched in 2016 helped to fill the service gaps providing support to ethnic minority seniors and home care emergency support to the aged respectively. Major areas of services include: (1) Active Ageing Service, (2) Integrated Home Care Service, (3) Day Care Centre Service, (4) Residential Service, (5) Special Projects, (6) Empowerment and Advocacy Work. We provide diversified services for more than 8,000 service users, with a total number of attendance over 600,000 each year.

Service units

  • Active Ageing Service
    • Bliss District Elderly Community Centre
    • Un Chau Neighbourhood Elderly Centre
    • Fortune Neighbourhood Elderly Centre
    • Shun Lee Neighbourhood Elderly Centre
  • Integrated Home Care Service
    • Shamshuipo Integrated Home Care Service Team
    • Wan Hon Integrated Home Care Service Team
  • Day Care Centre for the Elderly
    • Shamshuipo Day Care Centre for the Elderly
    • Chin Wah Day Care Centre for the Elderly
  • Residential Service
    • Cheung Fat Home for the Elderly
    • Shun Lee Home for the Elderly
    • Wah Hong Home for the Elderly
  • Special Projects
    • Project WE CARE
    • Support to Ethnic Elderly (SEE) Project
    • Community Care Service Voucher Scheme – Wonderful Care
    • Community Care Service Voucher Scheme – Delightful Care
  • Empowerment and Advocacy Work
    • Elderly Council
  • Publications (In Chinese only)
    • 《長評季訊》
    • 《護老者通訊》
    • 《「同築耆願」計劃-長者故事集》
    • 《臨終照顧資料套》
    • 《活出「長和」- 處理「長者被虐」個案實用手冊》