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Early Childhood Education Service

Early Childhood Education Service


Cherishing the Potential of Children, Fostering Whole-Person Development, Consolidating Transdisciplinary Efforts, and Partnering with Families.


We aim to promote a balanced intellectual, physical, emotional and social development of children, encourage their enthusiasm for learning, and establish good habits of daily lives. We prepare them with a balanced growth both physically and emotionally before they enter schools. We organise interesting cultural events to nurture their artistic sense. We assist working parents in educating and taking care of their children, so that they can go to work in peace. Some corporations also provide child care services for their staff and their children.


There are a total of 11 nursery schools/kindergarten/child care centre under our Early Childhood Education Service. We serve around 1,500 children between ages 0 to 6 each year and provide them with quality education and care.

Childhood is a unique and precious stage in our lives. Our mission is to provide children with a safe, healthy, interesting and interactive environment. We respect children's individuality and help them develop potential and promote self-esteem. Through quality services, we offer our children an all-round development.

We provide children aged 0 to 6 with half-day, whole day and long whole day education and care service. Currently, we have 3 work-based units that partner with the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited, United Christian Medical Service and Hong Kong International Airport to cater for their staffs’ children. The Airport Preschool provides long whole day school and care service for children aged under 3 while the kindergarten provide half-day and whole day school and care for children aged 3 to 6.

On top of day care service, 7 of our nursery schools and the Airport Preschool also provide extended-hours and occasional child care service to needy families.

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