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Family and Community Core Business

Family and Community Core Business

Business Objectives

  1. To promote self-respect and self-confidence of individual and family, strengthen their problem-solving ability.
  2. To support needy families to cope with their difficulties and instill hope for the families.
  3. To foster a culture of mutual understanding, respect and concern in the family.
  4. To develop a culture of mutual help, care and inclusion in the community.
  5. To advocate for family friendly policies and environment.

Business Introduction

We believe that family is the foundation of the society and it is the core of stabilising individual and society.

Regarding Family Service, we have been providing counselling service and family life education to families as early as the 1970s. We have established two Integrated Family Service Centres in 2004 and 2011 respectively, providing one-stop of diversified services. In 2009, we also launched a special project of counselling service to Hong Kong residents in distress.

Regarding Residential Child Care Service, we started to provide Foster Care Service in 1972 and being the first operator under the Government subvention. Currently, our service capacity of Foster Care Service is 205 and Emergency Foster Care Service is 30. Besides, since 1994, we have established 12 Small Group Homes that serve a total of 102 children. Residential care and support service are provided to those needy children until they can reunite with their families or secure a long-term living arrangement.

Our business also consists of other Community Services, like Day Activity Centre for the mentally incapable persons, and a Medical and Dental Clinic.

We provide diversified services for more than 25,000 service users each year. Types of services include:

  • Casework and Counselling (Individuals & Families)
  • Groups and Programmes (Developmental, Supportive and Therapeutic)
  • Family Life Education
  • Parent-child, Couple, and Family Enhancement Activities
  • Consultation and Referral Service
  • Volunteer Training and Service
  • Outreaching and Visit
  • Clinical Psychological Service
  • Residential Child Care Service
  • Day Care and Training for Mentally Incapable Persons
  • Medical and Dental Service

Our Services

  • Foster Care Service & Emergency Foster Care Service

  • Small Group Home Service
    • Emergency/Short Term Small Group Home Service
    • Agency-based Enhancement of Professional Staff Support Services in Residential Care Homes
    • Ka Fuk Small Group Home I, II & III
    • Shek Lei Small Group Home I, II & III
    • Tin Shui Small Group Home I, II & III
    • Tin Tsz Small Group Home I, II & III

  • Integrated Family Service
    • Family Networks Integrated Family Service Centre
    • Family Ties Integrated Family Service Centre
    • Clinical Psychology Service
    • Family Aid Service

  • Navigating Adversity Counselling Service

  • Rehabilitation Service and Special Project
    • On Wah Day Activity Centre
    • KeySteps@JC (Early Childhood Intervention Project)

  • Medical and Dental Clinic
    • Community Health Care Project