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Growth and Social Rehabilitation Core Business

Growth and Social Rehabilitation Core Business

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  1. To identify and help the neglected and deprived groups.
  2. To work for individual empowerment.
  3. To provide a myriad of services to meet individual needs and work with them to cope with their problems.
  4. To advocate a just social policy and cultivate a healthy social environment for individual development.

Service Scope

We believe in the potential and uniqueness of each individual and would develop diversified resources to provide professional services based on the developmental needs and difficulties faced by service users. We are particularly concerned about those neglected or groups with special needs and are committed to providing tailor-made services to enhance their abilities and competences for their social re-integration. For example, when we discovered the new emerging problem of “hidden youth” a decade ago, we had developed new service projects to assist the hidden youth to reconnect with the society.

Growth and Social Rehabilitation Core Business includes three main categories of services:

  1. Service for Young People
  2. Drug and Addiction Prevention and Rehabilitation Services
  3. Ethnic Minority Services

We provide a myriad of services for more than 26,000 service users each year. Major types of services include: individual counselling , group activities, life skill training, leadership training, cultural exchange programmes, interpretation & translation services, after school care programmes and career and life adventure planning services, etc.

In addition to providing direct services, our professional teams work with service users to establish a platform to express their needs and opinion. We endeavor to line up with different stakeholders to promote policies inductive to personal growth and strive to improve service quality and efficiency in the new era through social studies and researches. The success of “The Caring School Award Scheme” is a vivid example of our effort in collaborating with different stakeholders of the education system to promote a caring school environment for the students.

Our Service Units

  • Service for Young People
    • School Social Work Service
      • Kindergarten School Social Work Service  
      • Comprehensive Guidance Project for Primary School
      • School Social Work Service for Secondary School
      • Professional Support Service for Secondary School Students with Special Educational Needs (SEN)

    • Integrated Children and Youth Service
      • Kwun Tong Happy Teens Club
      • North Point Happy Teens Club
      • Shamshuipo Central Happy Teens Club
      • Shamshuipo East Happy Teens Club
      • Supportive Services for Hidden Youth
      • Services for Young Night Drifters
    • Yuen Long District Youth Outreaching Social Work Team
    • Caring School Award Scheme
    • CLAP for Youth @JC - Career and Life Adventure Planning Service Team (Kowloon West)

  • Drug and Addiction Prevention and Rehabilitation Services
    • PS33 Counselling Service for Psychotropic Substance Abusers
      • PS33 Tsimshatsui Centre
      • PS33 Shamshuipo Centre
      • Project HERO - MSM Support Service
      • CATCH II - Families Support Scheme
    • Jockey Club Lodge of Rising Sun
    • Online New Page - Online Addiction Counselling Centre
    • Marvel Imprint - A Supportive Service for Pregnant Women or Mothers with Drug Problems

  • Ethnic Minority Services
    • Centre for Harmony and Enhancement of Ethnic Minority Residents (CHEER)
    • The Hong Kong Jockey Club Community Project Grant: Integrated Service Centre for Local South Asians (ISSA)
    • “C-for-Chinese@JC” Project 
    • Happy Chinese Learning Project III
    • Jockey Club Family Link: Family Service Centre for Local South Asians

  • Others
    • Jockey Club Anderson Community Support Network

Youth & Social Rehabilitation

Youth & Social Rehabilitation

Caring School Award Scheme