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Happy Chinese Learning Project III

Happy Chinese Learning Project III

Project Introduction

The Happy Chinese Learning Project III is a two-year project funded by the Language Fund since August 2017. The main focus of the project is to improve the Chinese Language foundation and proficiency of non-Chinese speaking (NCS) children. With the collaboration among experienced speech therapist, kindergarten teachers and social worker, we hope to achieve the following objectives:

  • Cultivate NCS children's interest in learning Chinese.
  • Improve NCS children's Chinese speaking and reading skills.
  • Create platforms and expand learning opportunities for NCS children to practice Chinese.
  • Strengthen NCS parents’ involvement and capabilities in helping children in learning Chinese.


Service Targets

Non-Chinese speaking children aged between 3 to 8 and their families, who are studying in kindergarten and primary school.


Service Contents

Children Level
  • Tailor-made four successive levels of Chinese curriculum according to NCS children’s Chinese language proficiency.
  • Interesting and interactive teaching methods to arouse NCS children’s interest and motivation in learning Chinese.

Parent Level
  • NCS Parent meetings and talks.
  • Provide NCS children's parent handbook and educational material.

School and Community Level
  • Provide support for teachers in teaching Chinese as a second language.
  • Organise community learning activities.


Service Application

Application is accepted through kindergartens and primary schools joining the project. Service users can contact our social worker for enquiry and application for service.


Service Termination

Service will be terminated once students have completed one school year curriculum or as requested by their parents.



Free of charge


Open Hours

Monday to Friday 9:00am to 6:00pm (Closed on public holidays)


Funded by

 Language Fund