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Healthy Seed Centre

Healthy Seed Centre


Established in 2015 and managed by the Hong Kong Christian Service, the “Healthy Seed Centre” is one of the key projects of "Healthy Seed", a non-profit-making organisation under the "Lo Ying Shek Chi Wai Foundation".

The objective of the centre is to promote correct parenting knowledge and the whole development of infants and young children aged 0-6 through the provision of parenting training programmes. In particular, we are committed to implementing the "Hands-On Parent Empowerment-20 (HOPE 20) ®". We advocate that the community should give value to the positive psychology of families and young children. We start by nurturing the individual character of young children and promoting good moral conduct in them. This will in turn bring positive energy to the society.

Target Service Recipients

Children aged 0 to 6 and their parents; professional colleagues and groups engaged in early childhood education and child care.

Application Procedure

Submit the activity / course application form to us.

Service Hours

Monday to Friday9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Scope of Service

  1. Parents
    Provide "HOPE-20 ®", parent lectures, workshops and infant-toddler classes to enhance parents' knowledge and skills on positive, comprehensive and effective childcaring and education.

  2. Industry and Institutions
    Support groups and schools that provide preschool children's education and services to promote the "HOPE-20 ®" and other related child care projects. Institutions are encouraged to promote parenting education and develop early childhood activities in all the districts in Hong Kong.

  3. Community
    In order to promote public education, apart from providing professional parental information on the website “Healthy Seed Parenting”, we also partner with various media, including participation in the pilot scheme of “RTHK 31 Community Involvement Broadcasting Service”, “Ohpama” and “EDS Life” etc., to arouse public concern on the needs of parents and young children.