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On Wah Day Activity Centre

On Wah Day Activity Centre


On Wah Day Activity Centre (OWDAC) is our first day activity centre, which was established in March 2003. OWDAC locates in Lok Wah Estate, serving moderate to severely mentally handicapped persons aged 15 and above in Kwun Tong, Lam Tin, Ngau Tau Kwok, Tseung Kwan O, and Sai Kung. Besides, it provides extended care programmes for frail or aged users and day respite service for mentally handicapped persons from different districts.

Service Mission

With love, we strive to promote the holistic development of mentally handicapped persons, improve their quality of life, and let them enjoy an abundant life, as well as establish an inclusive community.

Service Objectives

  1. Provide quality service and training, so that mentally handicapped persons can have holistic development in different aspects, including work, home care, self-care, leisure and community living. Meet their physical, social and emotional needs so as to enhance their quality of life.
  2. Provide various experiential opportunities to broaden the horizons of users, let them enjoy an abundant life.
  3. Unite family power to face challenges together, promote growth among family members.
  4. Promote mutual help, encourage mutual respect and appreciation, promote social inclusion in the community.

Services Content

  1. Service for Mentally Handicapped Persons

    OWDAC provides comprehensive assessments to all trainees, and sets up a series of services to satisfy individual needs holistically.

    • Life skills training (including self-care, home care, work, leisure and community living skills)
    • Meal service
    • Health care service
    • Community and recreational activities
    • Individual and family counselling
    • Occupational therapy

  2. Day Respite Service

    Provide temporary care to mentally handicapped persons in the community, so as to relieve the caring stress of family members or relatives.

  3. Extended Care Programme

    For trainees who can no longer benefit from prolonged or intensive training due to ageing or deterioration of health condition, the Extended Care Programme is being operated to provide simple rehabilitation training as well as social, recreational and developmental activities.

  4. Family Supportive Service
    • Organise activities for families
    • Conduct supportive groups and trainings for family members
    • Establish a family resource corner, training materials and books for carers can be borrowed, so as to promote the caring ability of families

  5. Community Education
    • Conduct volunteer trainings
    • Organise volunteer services
    • Organise community activities and exhibitions

Service Targets

Moderate to severely mentally handicapped persons who are:

  • Aged 15 or above
  • Physically healthy with no active infectious disease
  • Physically and mentally suitable for group activity

Service Application

Service can be applied through social workers from social service units to the Central Referral System for Rehabilitation Services (CRSRehab) of the Social Welfare Department.

If you would like to apply for day respite service, please contact our social worker directly through phone.


Please contact us directly for enquiry.

Service Termination

Trainees and family members can contact the social worker if they would like to withdraw from the service. After understanding their needs, the social worker would take necessary follow up actions.

Besides, the centre would discuss with families on transferring trainees to more suitable services under the following conditions:

  • The behaviours of trainees create danger to other service users and staff continuously
  • The services of the centre no longer match with the need of the trainees

Service Hours

Monday to Friday8:00am to 6:00pm
Saturday8:30am to 12:30pm

Elderly, Rehabilitation & Community

Elderly, Rehabilitation & Community